Fulidhoo is the most northern of the inhabited islands of Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives. It is famous for Maldivian cultural events like Langiri, a traditional dance with drums and Thaara. Fulidhoo is one of the islands of the Vaavu Atoll. Located in the Laccadive Sea, the island is 55.7 km (35 mi; 30 nmi) south of the country's capital, Malé. The land area of the island is 11.3 ha (28 acres) in 2018, up from 9.7 ha (24 acres) in 2007. The island has a large lagoon, which is used as a natural harbour.

The Island

In 2012, Fulidhoo had two fishing vessels.The majority of the catch was of fish from the Lutjanidae (snappers) and Carangidae (jacks) families.
Where to stay