Kedeyre Miskiyy (Mosque)

Posted on: 2/22/2021, 1:39:54 AM
On the east of Fuvahmulah island, you'll find a historic mosque that dates back to the 16th Century. It is said that the old mosque was built in 1555, following the second depopulation and resettlement of the island in 1550.
One of the best ways to discover the craftsmanship of Maldivians is through ancient mosques. Built with coral stones (hiriga), the Kedeyre Miskiyy is one of the many living proofs of how skilled Maldivian ancestors were.
The cemetery of this mosque contains a number of early carved coral gravestones. Local historical figures Dhon Sihthibuu, who was the first-ever lady atoll chief of the Maldives, and Elhaa Thakuru remain buried here to date.