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The 1st Visit Maldives virtual event has begun

Posted on: 4/3/2021, 9:12:34 AM
Today, Visit Maldives unveils the first interactive event management network. "My Virtual Maldives," a cutting-edge forum, would improve audience participation and networking. The web-based format has the most flexibility and navigational ease.
Any portion of the platform features 3D graphics that represent the Maldives' distinct charm. The Barefoot Beach Conference is planned for webinars, interactive workshops, and livestreams with the theme "film under the stars." Other features include translation facilities, social features for interaction, and a support function that uses a chat function to help users access the app with ease.
The Webinar training series conducted to inform the French Travel Trade about the Maldives in French was the first event organized on My Virtual Maldives. There will be a range of virtual activities targeted at the travel trade and customers in key target markets. In the wake of the pandemic, the website will aid marketing activities to resurrect Maldives tourism. To sell the Maldivian islands, Visit Maldives has used both conventional and creative and groundbreaking media and methods. The introduction represents a significant step forward in the promotion of the Maldives as a tourism destination.