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Maldives tallied over 100K tourist arrivals

Posted on: 8/3/2021, 10:25:22 AM
In July 2021, the Maldives registered 101,818 tourist arrivals. Tourists spent 9.1 days on average in the island nation in July 2021, compared to 6.8 days in June 2021. The Maldives received 617,791 tourists during this time period. The Ministry of Tourism issued the statistics.
In 2021, the Maldives is expected to surpass the United States as the world's most popular tourist destination. Tourist arrivals to the island archipelago surpassed the annual total of 2020 in mid-July. Travelers to the Maldives began to surge as the island nation resumed issuing visas to visitors from South Asian countries on July 15, 2021. Tourism is expected to boost the country's GDP by 17.1 percent this year, according to the World Bank.