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Maldives could come off the United Kingdom’s red list

Posted on: 7/30/2021, 8:27:50 AM
In August 2021, the Maldives could be removed from the UK's blacklist. According to speculations, the island nation may be placed on the 'amber list' before September 2021. According to online reports, the results of the next traffic light system assessment are due on the 4th or 5th of August.
In August, the Maldives has a significant possibility of reverting to amber. So don't give up hope. You will be obliged to go into hotel quarantine upon arrival in the UK if your flights go via Dubai or Doha, as they are red-listed.
The Independent’s travel expert Simon Calder told The Daily Express.
While the final decision is still pending, if the Maldives is transferred to the amber list, properly vaccinated visitors will be able to visit the tropical holiday destination without having to go through quarantine when they return to England.