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The Maldives Cultural Week in Amilla Maldives

Posted on: 7/26/2021, 8:28:30 AM
For the first time, Amilla Resort and Residences held a Maldives Cultural Week on July 19th. During the pandemic's travel restrictions, the concept arose at a time when many passengers' experiences had been constrained. The resort gave its visitors an opportunity to genuinely experience the Maldivian culture during a cultural week filled with workshops, games, music, and gastronomic pleasures.
The cultural week falls on Eid al Adha and Maldivian Independence Day, making it the ideal moment to demonstrate the local way of life to tourists who could otherwise visit our islands several times without knowing anything about the country. Ibrahim Solih, a third-generation craftsman who is well-known in the atoll for his exquisite hardwood lacquer work, is carrying on his family's tradition.
The inaugural Maldives Cultural Week in a resort was conducted at Amilla Maldivian Resort and Residences. Guests had the opportunity to create and enjoy traditional local meals such as'mas riha,' 'Addu bondi,' and even 'hedhika.' The resort is one of the country's few Maldivian-owned and managed resorts. Amilla's focus on sustainability and Maldivian culture has been favorably accepted by the public.

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