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526K Tourists have visited Maldives this year

Posted on: 7/10/2021, 11:40:33 AM
So far this year, more than tourists have visited the Maldives. As of July 6, 2021, 15,531 tourists had visited the Maldives, with 56,166 arriving the previous month. With 109,585 tourists arriving in March, it was the busiest month of the year so far.
With a market share of 24.4 percent, Russia is the most important source market. India comes in second with 17.1%, followed by Germany (5.5%), Ukraine (4.7%), and the United States (4.7%). (3.9 percent ) The average length of stay, according to the Ministry, is 9 days. This comes after a brief stop in the issuance of tourist visas to South Asians.