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Post Lockdown Detoxing in Baros Maldives

Posted on: 7/4/2021, 2:16:44 AM
The Serenity Spa on Baros has designed a three-day detox program to help clients ease back into vacation mode after months at home. Internal inflammation, stress alleviation, and overall wellbeing are all aims of the program. Baros is one of the most well-known spas in the world, and its team is dedicated to promoting holistic wellness in addition to massages and treatments.
The Serenity Spa in the Maldives is a five-day spa vacation. The first day of the program includes a ginger and lime scrub and detox massage. The second day begins with a yoga exercise that stimulates the intestines while also promoting mental detox. The final day includes a detox bath that combines algae, sea buckthorn, and sea fennel. Green Tea Balm is also available for a complete body wrap.
To allow guests to surprise loved ones during their stay, Baros has established an e-gift card platform. The gift card can be used to purchase anything from a bottle of champagne to a three-day detox program at Serenity Spa. After a thorough consultation with the spa staff, the Post-Lockdown Detox Program can be tailored to the guest's specific needs.
Visit for reservations and more information, or contact Baros directly at or +960 664 26 72.

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