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Rules before Flying a Drone in the Maldives

Posted on: 6/26/2021, 1:55:28 PM
If you have a drone, you can get some beautiful aerial photos of the Maldives. Guests will be able to rent a drone and fly it over the island at some establishments. The laws for operating a drone in the Maldives are rather simple. While a novice can operate a drone at home, it is preferable to have some prior experience.
Before Flying a Drone in the Maldives, There Are Some Prerequisites:
Make careful to follow these easy guidelines to avoid injury or mishaps. After all, having your drone crash into the ocean is the absolute last thing you want to happen.
Drone Flying Regulations in the Maldives
Resort or island approval is required
If you're staying on a nearby island, you'll need permission to operate a drone from the local island authority. Most resorts have specified zones where drones can be flown without intruding others' privacy. Check with your guesthouse or lodging provider to get approval from your local island council.
MNDF and CAA approval is required
Before you fly the drone, you must get permission from the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF). This is possible if you obtain permission from your resort or the island council. You're ready to fly your drone once you've received approval from the CAA. To get the best panoramic photos of the island and water, fly during the day. Alternatively, you may try to get a beautiful sunset or dawn photo.

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