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Be A Science Hero at Hurawalhi Maldives

Posted on: 2/25/2021, 10:41:20 AM
Being a scientist is one of the coolest things you can be. More so, being a scientist in the Maldives is our fantasy! Lara and Aline, marine biologists at Hurawalhi Maldives invite you to be a scientist for a day, unite them on Sundays to observe the island’s beautiful seagrass meadow.
Seagrasses are the only underwater flowering plants on the planet and unlike seaweed, they possess complex root structures to anchor the plant and take up nutrients and reproduce through flowers and seeds. They grow in shallow temperate and lush waters and provide a place and breeding ground for many marine species.
Resorts in the Maldives have been doing their part in protecting these vulnerable meadows on their island waters. Previously, seagrasses in the Maldives have been underrated in the past and mainly been seen as an inconvenience by the tourism industry in general.
Hurawalhi has been placed on a large seagrass meadow which is frequently visited by endangered green sea turtles which eats up to 2kg of seagrass per day. It’s no coincidence that the Maldives’ largest community of green sea turtles boom on the reefs of Lhaviyani Atoll which has large, healthy seagrass meadows – 4 hectares of seagrass was found to support a green turtle population of 76 individuals at nearby Kuredu Resort Maldives!
Be sure to pay a visit to the seagrass meadow in Hurawalhi, located between the back jetty and the ocean villas. Maintaining this healthy seagrass meadow does not only supports the survival of our marine life but also protects Hurawalhi’s beautiful beaches. When you team up with the resort’s marine biologists, you will learn about its importance for species such as sea turtles and other marine life, while having fun applying scientific methods to collect valuable data.
This activity is offered on a complimentary basis in Hurawalhi to encourage, educate and advocate guests in being responsible travelers. Book your slot on the Hurawalhi App and get to know a lot more. This fascinating marine ecosystems awaits it’s superhero’s visit, next time you are at Hurawalhi Maldives. 

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