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Fushifaru improved their dining experience

Posted on: 5/27/2021, 10:23:19 AM
The major restaurant in Fushifaru Maldives, Korakali, was rebuilt for the whole day. During breakfast, lunch and dinner, regional and international flavors. The Wine Menu has more than 110 brands of the top wines worldwide. On request, there are meals options for vegan and gluten-free, Cosher and Jain. The dinner theme nights range from Arabic evenings to Italian evenings, with Arabic Shawarma.
Raakani, named after the Spider Conch Shell, is Fushifaru's fine dining outlet and exquisitely elegant 'surf and turf' food. The 'Anywhere dining' experience involves a floating breakfast at home, a Maldivian cooking class and a sleeping experience under the stars. Want a dinner experience with your loved one at any site from the Sandbank, Beach, Handhu Platform, or private swimming pool.

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