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"Wellness Your Way" at Amilla Maldives

Posted on: 5/25/2021, 10:37:03 AM
The groundbreaking 'Wellness Your Way' concept at Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences has reached new heights. The cutting-edge program is customized to each guest's wellness objectives. Nutrition, herbal medicines, mindfulness, and movement are all part of it. From nutrition to plant-based cures, it pervades every part of their resort stay.
The Maldivian resort is the first in the Maldives to provide a variety of healthy dining options. Low carb, gluten-free, keto, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian options are available to guests. Traditional Maldivian herbal medicine is used in the 'Wellness Your Way' spa treatments. Amilla's kitchens use only palm oil and MSG-free ingredients. Classic herbal medicine is used in the resort's unique 'Dhivehi Beys' treatments to give the traditional spa experience a new lease on life. For a better night's sleep, the 'Sleep Well at Amilla' evening service uses sour cherry juice, turmeric, almonds, and banana.
Guests can order detox tonics, herbal teas, and health smoothies at the resort's new 'Chill'd' café. The 'Jungle Gymnasium,' which includes barbells, is equipped with exciting, island-made, 'Flintstonian' workout equipment. Homegrown ingredients are used to make in-house probiotic drinks like kombucha and fruit soda, which are fermented to boost immunity and gut health, as part of the resort's 'Homemade@Amilla' concept. The 'Wellness Your Way' program offers a wide choice of movement options, including pilates, yoga, martial arts, and tennis coaching, all of which may be personalized to the needs of visitors.

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