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Emirates Signs a Partnership with Huawei

Posted on: 5/20/2021, 10:32:41 AM
Emirates has extended its current collaboration with Huawei by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The Memorandum of Understanding will allow both businesses to reach a bigger audience in the Middle East and beyond. Orhan Abbas, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations – Far East at Emirates, and Lu Geng, Vice President Middle East & Africa at Huawei, signed the deal at the Arabian Travel Market 2021 (ATM) in Dubai.
Emirates and Huawei have launched a series of cooperative marketing aimed at increasing brand awareness in each other's home regions. Emirates will also provide support for Huawei's Petal Search search engine for smart devices in the MEA area as part of the cooperation. Emirates will be able to reach a larger target audience and Huawei phone users as a result of its integration into Huawei's ecosystem. The Chinese market is recognized as one of Emirates' most important strategic markets worldwide. The decision was based on the two businesses' fruitful relationship, which began in early 2020.
AppGallery reports that the Emirates app has been downloaded over one million times. With 2.3 million registered developers, AppGallery is drawing a growing number of them. In the Middle East and Africa region, there were over 70,000 registered developers as of March 2021. The Emirates app allows you to quickly access a variety of services and functions, including flight search and ticket buying, as well as check-in, seat selection, and food selection.