Maldives Stays

Maldives eased the temporary restrictions in June

Posted on: 5/18/2021, 9:57:12 AM
After May 13th, the Maldives government has imposed a provisional travel ban on tourists from South Asian countries. Travelers who have spent more than 24 hours in transit in the aforementioned areas, as well as those who have visited them during the last 14 days, are subject to the travel ban. Following an increase in COVID-19 cases in the area, the travel ban was enforced.
Prior to the travel ban, the Maldives averaged 3,000 tourist arrivals a day. Due to the suspension of tourist visas to South Asian nations, daily arrivals have fallen to 2,000. In 2021, India alone will account for 20% of all visitors to the Maldives. The Maldives' government has implemented a series of policies to combat the disease's spread, including travel bans and other prohibitions. This involves a curfew that will be in effect from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. in the Greater Malé Area (Malé, Hulhumalé, and Villimalé) beginning May 12th, 2021. Despite this, the Maldives remains accessible to the rest of the world, with travelers receiving a free 30-day visa on arrival.