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The Marine Life at Kuredu's Marine Center

Posted on: 5/10/2021, 8:47:53 AM
The Kuredu Maldives Resort has its own Marine Center. The center offers snorkeling and scuba diving tours as well as turtle knowledge. The Olive Ridley Project's work is influenced by the center's studies. Fish and manta rays are among the several species of marine life found near Kuredu.
Green sea turtle populations in Kuredu, Maldives, are among the healthiest in the world. Turtles can be seen in their lagoons on a regular basis, as well as on snorkeling and diving trips to Kuredu Caves. If you want to see turtles in their natural habitat, make a trip to the so-called Turtle Airport (Caves) during your next vacation. Learn more about the sleepy-headed sea turtles that live in the Maldives by visiting Emily Mundy. The Olive Ridley Project is working to get the Maldivian Olive Ridley turtle population back to health. Visit olive for more information on the Olive Ridley project.

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