Maldives Stays

Maldives stays to be a safe haven for tourists

Posted on: 5/5/2021, 8:35:43 AM
Visit Maldives has also released the "I'm Vaccinated" initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism. The main goal is to make the Maldives the world's first completely vaccinated tourism market. The campaign's aim is to spread an optimistic message about the importance of vaccination for tourism workers.
The 'I'm Vaccinated' Campaign has launched a microsite. The microsite will have a tracker that displays the number of tourism industry employees who have been vaccinated. In the coming months, the government plans to offer free COVID-19 vaccine to all civilians and inhabitants of the Maldives. The vaccine campaign would undoubtedly provide hope to the local community while also ensuring the safety of visitors. This sends the message that the Maldives is a low-risk travel destination.