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The Home of the Water Villas in Maldives

Posted on: 5/4/2021, 9:35:26 AM
One of the first water villas in the Maldives is located at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo. Over the Indian Ocean, the luxury resort provides a variety of modern comforts and intimate living spaces.
Vadoo's house reef has been regarded as one of the finest in the Maldives since the advent of tourism. It's a popular place for newcomers, workshops, and people who want to learn scuba diving, as well as seasoned divers.
One of the best dive sites in the Maldives is Vadoo Caves. From East to West, it's a really long reef on the south side of the main Vaadhoo Kandu. The top is 5 meters, making it a good dive for both novice and professional divers.
This is one of the first places in the Maldives to see grey sharks emerging from the depths of the vast Vaadhoo Kandoo. A very long reef from east to west, as well as drifts around this reef, provide a unique experience for all types of divers.
Fish of various types can be found on South Male Atoll. With its many table corals on top, the top reef is very spectacular and almost untouched. You will sometimes see the very timid Thresher sharks with their stunning long tails at 30 meters depth. On the east side of the atoll, large schools of eagle rays, often numbering in the hundreds, can be identified. Since the current is always high, this is a dive site that can only be attempted by skilled advanced divers.