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Visit Maldives announced a campaign

Posted on: 5/2/2021, 8:54:42 AM
To support Maldives, Visit Maldives has launched a joint publicity initiative with 'Let's Go Tours.' Marketing campaigns on both online and offline sites are part of the initiative. The Maldives will be included in monthly and special newsletters that will be sent to over 1,900 travel industry contacts and 8,500 private client contacts. Instagram and Facebook will both feature social media updates highlighting the destination's charm.
Let's Go Tours is one of the most well-known and specialist upmarket tour operators, with a focus on Africa, Arabia, and the Indian Ocean. With a 2.7 percent market share, Switzerland is ranked eighth among the top performing markets to the Maldives. Travelers from Switzerland can fly directly from Zurich to Maldiving on the Edelweiss airline. Switzerland has sent a total of 5,189 visitors to the Maldives.
On July 15, 2020, the Maldives will reopen its borders to visitors of all nationalities. Both civilians and inhabitants of the Maldives can get a free COVID-19 vaccine, according to the administration. The first dose of the vaccine was given to 291,227 people in the Maldives, with the second dose given to 76,923. The first round of vaccine has also been administered to 90% of Maldivian tourism staff. The start of the vaccine campaign would undoubtedly provide hope to the local people while also ensuring the safety of visitors.