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Tourist in Maldives rose by 1.8 percent

Posted on: 5/2/2021, 8:24:34 AM
In April 2021, 91,200 tourists visited the Maldives. The island nation received an average of 3,040 tourists a day during the month. Tourists spent an average of 9 days in the tropical vacation destination during the month, according to official figures.
Tourist arrivals in the Maldives rose by 1.8 percent in April 2021 relative to the previous year. Russia and India claim to be the two largest individual tourist source markets in the world. In the Maldives, there are reportedly 724 tourist accommodation facilities available. There are 154 resorts, 422 guesthouses, 137 safari boats, and 11 hotels included in this list. There are 29 airlines that fly to the Maldives.