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Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick with girlfriend Tamara Francesconi on Maldives trip

Posted on: 1/26/2021, 6:08:43 PM
Actor and musician, Ed Westick together with his model and travel influencer girlfriend, Tamara Francesconi spoiled themselves in a romantic Maldives trip. The actor who is best known for his role as Chuck Bass in the hit series Gossip Girl is seen lounging in a pair of grey shorts while enjoying the Maldives ocean view.
The media pesonality, model, lawyer and corporate communication graduate, Tamara Francesconi has been serving as gorgeous and to die for scenic photos.
The brunette, 24 and her actor boyfriend Ed, 33 traveled down to her native country (South Africa )months after they celebrated their one year anniversary to introduce the Gossip Girl star to her family.