Maldives Stays

The Maldivians are eco-friendly

Posted on: 4/24/2021, 8:04:36 AM
Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is one of the Maldives' most secluded island hideaways. To reduce its environmental effects, the resort has implemented a series of green policies.
Several fish species, including sea turtles and sharks, are protected under Maldivian law. Local fishermen bring their catch to Hideaway once a week to be sold to the casino. Sustainable fishing not only saves and restores aquatic habitats, but it also provides a source of income for Maldivians. Many of the island's demands are met by a reverse osmosis water bottling facility.
Every day, the vegetable garden at Hideaway provides the kitchens with an abundance of new fruits and vegetables. Sweet potatoes, watermelons, chillies, and zucchini are among the more than 20 varieties cultivated on-site. Trees are planted for landscaping and sentimental reasons, as well as to leave a lasting memory of your time in paradise.

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