Maldives Stays

Travel to Maldives has become more convenient

Posted on: 4/16/2021, 10:52:12 AM
Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, the Minister of Tourism, announced that the Maldives will begin vaccine tourism, with visitors arriving in the Maldives for COVID-19 vaccinations. When the Maldives' entire population has been vaccinated, the country will pass on to the 3V scheme, which stands for "visit, vaccinate, holiday."
On February 1, 2021, the Maldives began a nationwide vaccine campaign. The Serum Institute of India created the "Covishield" brand vaccine (SII) The vaccine must be given twice to complete the dose, with a gap of 4-12 weeks between doses. Both travelers are given a free 30-day visa upon arrival.
The Maldives has also expanded its 'Split Stay' policy to include all forms of visitor accommodations. Tourists may stay in a spa, a motel, a guesthouse, or a liveaboard cruise. On arrival, there is no need for quarantine or checking, but all passengers must complete an online health declaration process.