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Sky Diving in The Nautilus Maldives

Posted on: 4/7/2021, 8:14:14 AM
Skydiving is accessible from 12,000 feet above the Maldivian baa atoll on the Nautilus. From the unique and bespoke venue, guests can leap alone or in tandem. Part of the resort's post-pandemic preparations to include the ultimate Maldivian refuge. The skydive is the newest addition to the resort's already remarkable list of events.
The professional skydiving team will welcome and thoroughly brief guests after a 20-minute yacht ride from The Nautilus at Dharavandhoo domestic airport. Guests and their coach can jump into the clouds and freefall for one minute after a brief 20-minute plane trip to 12,000 feet. For five minutes after the parachute opens, you'll have a complete 360-degree view of the baa atoll like no other.
The skydiving experience on the Nautilus is ideal for experienced skydivers, outdoor exploration adventurers, and even first-timers. Guests who book a tandem skydive kit will even ask for video recordings of their jump.

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