Bandaara Kilhi

Posted on: 1/2/2021, 4:43:52 PM
Bandaara Kilhi is one of the two freshwater lakes on the island, a picturesque natural attraction rich with flora and fauna.
The depth of the lake is about 10-15 feet. The water body is surrounded by a much bigger wetland area, where you will find the popular mud bath area known as Koda Kilhi. The lake and wetland is now a protected area.
Birds commonly seen in the wetland area includes Vali Kukulhu (Moorhen), Kanbili (White-Breasted Waterhen), Maakanaa (Grey Heron), Iruvai Hudhu (White Heron) and Raabol (Maldivian Little Heron). A wide variety of dragonfly species can also be found in the area.