Flying Fish

4NH Company Pvt. Ltd., Maldives, 2 km away
In 2004, I met Mr. Abdulla Hameed, Director of the Panorama Maldives company and owner of two boats. Of the two boats I had chosen the “Flying Fish”because it was on that boat that I had the strongest feelings. Feelings of home, of my houseboat in the Maldives. I never dreamed of a mansion but of a house, my house. I wanted to wake up and jump into the sea, to meet the ocean with my body every time that a new seascape brought forth the desire. Breathe in the ocean air, eat outdoors and not be locked in a cocoon-like environment with air conditioning, or even worse, with a limited view from the portholes. I had all of these sensaztions only on board the Flying Fish. Together with Hameed, we slowly started working on this adventure together - believing in the dream and having mutual trust. With 20 years of experience, Hameed is the logistics support on ground, while on board I make my guest's Maldivian dreams come true
shared lounge/TV area
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