Maldives Stays

Enjoy the spring season in the Maldives

Posted on: 4/4/2021, 8:32:07 AM
The resort is located on one of the country's largest natural islands. Children under the age of 12 can stay at the resort for free. Both therapies and facilities at the legendary Hideaway Spa are 25% off. The resort is in the north of the island, and is a popular tourism destination.
Hideaway is renewing one of its groundbreaking special deals from last year, when the pandemic was at its worst. Free PCP test for two adults and one child per booking party, conducted in the comfort of the resort. Extra adults or infants, regardless of age, are charged USD 100 per examination. This successful deal has been extended for another two months, until May 31, 2021.
Hideaway is the perfect cure to the blues and it offers a wonderful diversion from all concerns. From the 1st to the 5th of April, the resort is also hosting a fun-filled Easter program. Come find a well-deserved respite where you can sit, refresh, and refuel your batteries. You'll come home feeling refreshed and reconnected to your best self, just like Spring.

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