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TTM Awards & Gala will be held at CROSSROADS Maldives

Posted on: 9/30/2021, 8:09:02 AM
On November 30th, the TTM Awards & Gala will be place at CROSSROADS Maldives. Top tourism industry producers, such as travel agencies and tour operators, will be recognized. TTM Maldives hosts approximately 3000 pre-scheduled meetings with 500 travel trade professionals each year, with over $1 billion in contracts being discussed.
Exhibitors in the CROSSROADS Maldives project will be able to schedule meetings in advance of the event over the internet. TTM exhibitors will also receive a number of additional perks, including access to TTM's awards and gala events, as well as the use of "Connect" software. A 30-berth dock is available, as well as world-class amenities and special concierge services.