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SriLankan Airlines is testing the IATA Travel Pass

Posted on: 9/28/2021, 9:23:55 AM
SriLankan Airlines is one of the South Asian airlines pioneering the use of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass. Passengers will benefit from the digital verification procedure of the IATA Travel Pass, which will provide a more smooth customer experience. Passengers will be able to see their test results as well as their flight confirmation status on the app. IATA has established the "Timatic" register to give back-end information on Covid-19 tests and admission requirements. The trial of the IATA Travel Pass by SriLankan Airlines will assist governments gain confidence in digital solutions.
SriLankan Airlines has been given the "Diamond" certification by APEX Health Safety powered by SimpliFlying for its efforts to provide the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitization across its operations.