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Two Maldivian chefs bring the flavor to the table

Posted on: 9/15/2021, 6:57:36 AM
Pullman Maldives sponsored its first food week from August 23 to August 29. With the resort's generous all-inclusive perks, guests were able to sample the best of international and local cuisines. Guests had the opportunity to discover the greatest recipes from Chef Nyoman and her team of innovative cooks at this interactive event.
Chef Mode – Traditional Maldivian Cuisine
Chef Mode discovered his enthusiasm for cooking at a young age on the picturesque island of Kanduhulhudhoo, which is part of the Huvadhoo Atoll in the Maldivian archipelago. With years of experience working alongside outstanding chefs in prominent resorts, he has established himself as a local gastronomy authority.
Chef Shaazy – Pastry Artist
Shaazy is the daughter of a baker who had a successful pastry store in Feevah, on the Maldives' Shaviyani Atoll. She was also named to the Executive Committee of the Cooks Guild of Maldives (CGM), the country's first non-profit organization for chefs.

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