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Cosmo Clubhouse Middle East arrive in Maldives

Posted on: 9/11/2021, 8:56:52 AM
Cosmo Clubhouse Middle East influencers travel in the Maldives for a familiarization trip as part of a drive to boost Maldives' appeal in the Middle East. The publication produces and distributes material in digital, print, and internet formats. Marwa Al Hash, Layla Akil, Nadine Hossam, Mony Helall, Sara Al Humiri, and Twinkle Stanly are among the influencers.
Visit Maldives is sponsoring a trip for Cosmo Clubhouse influencers to promote the Maldives as a top-of-mind destination in the Middle East and boost engagement with travelers. The goal of this journey is to convey information about the geographical structure of the scattered islands, which provides a natural social distance.