Maldives Stays

Epic Ways to Break Free from a Lockdown

Posted on: 8/22/2021, 7:42:31 AM
The Maldives has been open since June 2020, and its international borders have never been closed. All guests, their travel companions, and tour operators were able to rebook thanks to the resort collection's liberal cancellation policy. Guests will be whisked away on a picturesque boat and seaplane transfers from Malé Velana International Airport in the Maldives.
Treating Yourself to International Travel: Exciting Ways to Break Free:
The Romantic Traveller
Intimate elopements, romantic honeymoons, vow renewal ceremonies, or simply spending quality time with a loved one are all possibilities. Whatever occasion you're commemorating, the resorts provide the ideal location for two.
Anniversary Vacations and Trips
Babymoons, birthdays, after-exam celebrations, and success parties are all wonderful occasions. Incorporate all of the anniversary celebrations you've been putting off into your next beach vacation.
Holidays with Multi-Generational Families
Private island resorts are great for guests looking for a unique opportunity and venue for huge gatherings of friends and family with minimal social distance.
Solo Travel Experiences
Solo travelers will never run out of things to do at any of Crown & Champa Resorts' locations if they need some alone time. There are endless activities and experiences our resorts will offer based on your lifestyle, whether it's just lazing on the beach, snorkeling with turtles, wine tasting, spa, cooking lessons, yoga, an Instagram photo spree, dancing to the drums on cultural theme nights, soaking in a Jacuzzi with sea views, or learning to dive.
Sports Travel + Vacation
Professional athletes have been using the collection's tennis and paddle tennis courts, as well as the resorts, as training grounds. The resorts offer a wide range of low-altitude endurance training activities, as well as fitness centers. While the elite athletes and professionals go about their regular activities, their family and friends may relax and enjoy the sunshine.
Tropical Vacations in the Open Air
For guests of all ages, the land and the sea offer a wide range of activities.
On the ground, there are a variety of activities to partake in.
Activities in the Sea:
Underwater activities
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