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Cocoon Maldives plans to host the Dance Festival

Posted on: 8/17/2021, 7:55:38 AM
From 2021, Cocoon Maldives, in conjunction with One Maldivian and Like Lisbon-International Lisbon's Kizomba Energy, promises to organize one of the most opulent Dance Festivals. Our experts will lead you through progressive Bachata, Salsa, Kizumba, and Tarraxinha dance style workshops. Your trip will be enhanced by social dancing nights and sunset parties with one of Europe's best DJs.
Joao and Giedre are both Kizomba specialists who have been teaching together since 2012. They created and developed the Kizomina scene in Stockholm from 2012 to mid-2015. They moved to Frankfurt, Germany, in 2015, and now own a Kizooma school where they teach weekly sessions and throw parties. They emphasize on Kizumba, Samba, and Tarraxinha in their classes, which are very comprehensive and sophisticated.
In Ukraine, Mark-Anthony and Olesia were among the first to teach kizomba. They teach Kizombo, Semba, and Taaraxinha, among other Latin dance genres. Their classes are packed with cultural richness, extensive knowledge of music and history, and they make learning easy and enjoyable.
Xihomara Granados, Nelson Batista, Ramiro Zapata, and Zina were among the first group of instructors in the UK when Robert and Jean Blanco began learning Cuban and Colombian Salsa in 1992. Pedro Gomez, a Puerto Rican teacher stationed in Italy, later taught them to New York-style 'cross-body' Salsa. Since then, they've studied under Eddie Torres, Nelson Flores, Tomas Guerrero, and Frankie Martinez, among other well-known US practitioners of the discipline. Robert and Jean both teach in Mambo City venues, and Robert also performs as a DJ (as Cruz and Bobby Blanco) He has a wide musical experience, having worked as a session musician and semi-professionally in Reggae and R&B.
Cocoon Maldives- The First Design Hotel in the Maldives is the only hotel in the world to provide its in-house guests with a special pass. All of their in-house guests will be able to attend the festival for a discounted pricing of USD150 per day pass and USD400 per week pass. Couples interested in attending this exclusive festival can take advantage of exceptional prices. To enjoy this one-of-a-kind event in Cocoon Maldives, book your vacation now.

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