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Experience fine dining at Emerald Maldives

Posted on: 8/17/2021, 7:49:10 AM
The Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is a tropical haven on the Indian Ocean with four restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. From the Mediterranean to Japanese, Italian, Asian, Central and South American, Vegetarian, and many other delicacies to explore, even the most sophisticated gourmets will be satisfied. Guests will be able to go on an enriching gustatory journey at each restaurant in this corner of heaven.
A visiting chef has been coming to Emerald Maldives on a monthly basis. Nikita Martynov, a Russian chef, Kunal Kapoor, an Indian chef, and Aldo, a Nepalese chef, have all introduced their cuisines to the resort. The goal is to expand the resort's culinary knowledge by introducing new ingredients, flavors, and cuisines to complement those already available at the Maldives resort. This was made possible by Emerald Maldives' concept of having a chef visit every month.
The Emerald Maldives & Spa has been crowned the greatest gourmet destination in the Maldives. Cultures, traditions, fragrances, spices and varieties, and cooking styles are all represented at the resort. At Emerald Maldivian & Spa, guests can explore unique settings and flavors for a wonderful culinary experience.

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