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Kudadoo and Hurawalhi are 100% Vaccinated against COVID-19

Posted on: 8/16/2021, 8:22:05 AM
Crown & Champa Resorts' Kudadoo Maldives Spa Island and Hurawalhi Island Resort confirm that all eligible crew members have been fully vaccinated. All qualified personnel have gotten their first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccination and are thus fully immunized. Due to the resorts' strong commitment to protecting team members and guests, and in collaboration with the Maldives' Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism, all eligible staff has been fully vaccinated.
The Maldives' unique geographical location makes it ideal for providing a safe sanctuary for visitors during COVID periods. Because each resort is located on its own island and can only be reached by speedboat or aircraft, there is no mingling of visitors from other resorts. The five-star Hurawalhi Island Resort provides unrestricted access to amenities, with a personal butler fulfilling every wish. Kudadoo is the world's first and only privately-owned solar-powered island.
Please visit: A Safe Holiday Experience in Paradise to read more about Crown & Champa Resorts' increased health, safety, and sanitation procedures.
Please visit Crown & Champa Resorts to plan your Maldives vacation at one of their properties.

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