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Escape to kaleidoscope of fun on Seaside Finolhu’s

Posted on: 8/15/2021, 2:45:31 AM
Finolhu Baa Atoll is the first Maldivian resort to join Design Hotels' distinguished international portfolio. The resort brand's cooperation with award-winning Muza Lab design studio in 2020 was inspired by the kaleidoscope. The shifting colors, patterns, and textures symbolize the resort's moments of delight and personal adventures.
In this conversation with Inge Moore, co-founder of Muza Lab, we discuss Finolhu's revamp.
What inspired the Kaleidoscope concept for Finolhu?
The exquisite forms and brilliant colors that occur in nature around the island are exhibited through the images and reflections of the resort's design as if peering through a Kaleidoscope. Imagine diving underwater in a brightly colored world surrounded by exotic fish and coral, with sunrays dappling the water to create magnificent refractions. These lovely and straightforward patterns have been recreated and projected onto Finolhu's new vivid style.
What else was considered for the new design, aside from the colorful concept?
We wanted all of the goods to be handcrafted while still being environmentally responsible and long-lasting. We used rustic elements like wood, natural rope, and glass to achieve this. We collaborate with a carefully curated group of international craftspeople who all follow the same environmental ethos in their design and production processes.
Tell us more about the two-metre Kaleidoscope centerpiece at the resort.
The kaleidoscope lens perfectly captures not only the new colorful design concept, but also Finolhu's joyful attitude. The lens is a handcrafted metal and glass installation constructed by Turkish artists and designed by Muza Lab.
What was the source of inspiration for the restaurant's design?
The Beach Club, for example, has a stunning mosaic design on the bar stools and tops, as well as Kaleidoscope designs on the bar front. The Arabian Grill, which is next to the All-Day Dining Beach Kitchen, specializes in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. Crab Shack is a barefoot chic restaurant located near the Beach Bubble, far from the main island, where customers can feel the sand beneath their feet and enjoy a sea breeze while staring out over the azure waters.
What’s the concept behind Fehi Spa?
Fehi is a local Dhivehi word that means 'green.' The bright colors are inspired by the island's coral stones and sand, and they produce a sensation of happiness and serenity. Guests at Finolhu are exposed to the sunny magic of nature as they spend their days by the ocean, thanks to the kaleidoscope idea artfully applied throughout the resort and in each villa category.

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