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Soneva Fushi launches its new sustainable innovations

Posted on: 8/12/2021, 8:26:26 AM
The first barefoot luxury resort in the Maldives has unveiled a new ecological innovation. Makers' Place is a carbon-neutral island studio that will recycle waste plastic and aluminum into art, as well as useful goods and construction materials. It was designed in partnership with Alexander James Hamilton, a British artist whose work includes sculpture, painting, photography, cinema, lighting, and installation.
Makers' Place is a new Maldivian studio that intends to address the massive amounts of discarded plastic bottles and aluminum cans that pollute the oceans, are burned in toxic fires or are dumped in landfill sites each year. The studio processed 15,000 aluminum cans in its first three days of operation, giving these once-discarded, undesired materials a new lease on life.
Makers' Place is a world-first water recycling plant in Soneva Fushi, Maldives. Only clean air exits the studio thanks to an innovative two-stage filtering system that uses granular media and coconut charcoal. Both the water and VOC filters are converted into concrete building blocks and waterproofed at the end of their lives, and then used in construction. Each block is coloured red to make it easily identifiable in the event of future development and to ensure that it remains on-site and intact for re-use.

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