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Qatar Airways confirms issues with A350 fuselage surfaces

Posted on: 8/9/2021, 9:13:17 AM
Qatar Airways has issued a statement regarding the grounding of its Airbus A350 aircraft due to rapid fuselage degradation. The airline is working with its regulator to assure the safety of all passengers, and aircraft have been grounded as a result. It is hoped that a satisfactory remedy for permanently correcting the underlying issue will be found.
Qatar Airways will do everything possible to guarantee that the compulsory removal of these aircraft from service does not cause any inconvenience to its passengers. To mitigate the impact of the grounded A350 aircraft, the airline has already taken steps to return its A330 fleet to operation with immediate effect. Before we take possession of any more A350s, Qatar Airways expects Airbus to have identified the root cause and permanently fixed the underlying fault to the satisfaction of Qatar Airways and our regulator.