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Visit Maldives partners with Qatar Airways

Posted on: 8/7/2021, 9:35:19 AM
Visit Maldives and Qatar Airways have launched a combined marketing campaign to promote the Maldives in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. The year-long campaign aims to increase brand awareness and promote the Maldives as a secure sanctuary for all international travelers. Qatar Airways doubled the number of flights to the Maldives beginning July 1st, demonstrating the airline's trust in the Maldives as a top tourist destination.
The Maldives will be positioned as one of the world's leading and safe destinations as a result of the campaign with Qatar Airways. Visit Maldives is collaborating with SkyScanner, TripAdvisor, and Expedia on large global initiatives aimed at the top core markets and growing countries. The Maldives had welcomed approximately 528,157 visitors as of July 7, 2021. With almost half a million visitors, the Maldives is well on its way to resuming pre-pandemic arrival levels.