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Amilla Maldives unveils their brand new "Faraging Lunch"

Posted on: 7/10/2021, 11:50:18 AM
With the introduction of its brand new 'Foraging Lunch' activity, Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences' zero-air miles effort went another step forward this month. Guests are guided by personnel through the beautiful island to harvest delicious plants, including local kinds like 'kulha fila' (Maldivian rocket) The interactive tour is both entertaining and instructive, highlighting the island's indigenous and island-grown herbs, vegetables, and fruit. It all comes to a head with a feast made entirely of freshly harvested ingredients.
In the Maldivian archipelago of Kiryat, Amilla Island is a private island resort. The group spent the day searching for fresh foods before collaborating with Victoria and Chef to prepare a three-course meal. They began their journey at Sunrise Beach, where they came upon chilies, lemongrass, and passionfruit. Then they went to the resort's new Hydroponics garden, where they learned how to make coconut oil from scratch. The ladies at Cluckingham Palace, Amilla's chicken coop, generously gave up over a dozen eggs.

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