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Visit Maldives initiates a digital campaign

Posted on: 5/22/2021, 12:25:12 PM
Halal Have, Will Travel is launching a digital campaign with Visit Maldives. The campaign, which began on May 21, 2021, aims to attract families and budget-conscious travelers to the destination. The campaign emphasizes religious aspects as well as halal-friendly facilities and amenities, such as halal food availability and easy access to prayer mosques throughout the world.
The number of tourists visiting the Maldives from Southeast Asia has been steadily increasing. In 2019, the Maldives received 87,636 visitors from the country to the island paradise. The aim of Visit Maldives is to increase the appeal of the Maldives to Muslim travelers and boost the Maldives brand in Southeast Asia. Once borders are reopened for leisure travel and travel restrictions are lifted, the campaign aims to ensure that the Maldives remains a top-of-mind destination for travelers and is the most favored destination for Southeast Asian travelers.
To promote the Maldives in Southeast Asia, Visit Maldives recently completed digital campaigns and participated in virtual fairs. The COVID-19 vaccine was first administered on February 1, 2021, with the Maldives government promising to offer free vaccines to all people and residents. Together with the Ministry of Tourism, Visit Maldives launched the "I'm Vaccinated" initiative. The ultimate goal is to make the Maldives the first completely vaccinated tourism destination on the planet.