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Velaa Spa released their new collection

Posted on: 5/3/2021, 9:50:42 AM
Velaa Private Island, the Maldives' most exclusive private island, has launched its first range of premium home fragrances. Ocean Breeze, Valaa in Bloom, and Essence of Paradise are included in the set. The scents will delight the senses, ranging from lavender to honey, peppermint to coriander.
Guests on Velaa Private Island will purchase one of the island's signature scents. The island's spa features some of the world's most opulent services. Velaa Spa reopened earlier this year and is credited with inventing some of the world's most expensive and cutting-edge treatments. The spa is open seven days a week, 365 days a year, and is located on the island's private island.
From October to November, the resort is open. Visit or call 0203 615 6372 for more information or reservations.
Petr Kolar, a renowned Czech architect, planned Velaa Private Island. There are 47 private villas, apartments, and exclusive homes at the resort. The Romantic Pool Residence, which is only accessible by ferry, is one of the 18 residences constructed over water. The island's luxurious over-water villas are also shaped like a turtle's head, with the island serving as the body.

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