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Luxury Wedding Destination in Maldives

Posted on: 4/17/2021, 8:48:03 AM
According to Wedding Magazine, Joali Maldives is the "Most Destination Hotel for Private Wedding Ceremonies." Joali's wedding sets are carefully put together to capture the fairytale fantasy. The team will accompany you on every step of the incredible trip, allowing you to unwind as the big day progresses.
The Glamorous Package is a full-service wedding package that includes everything from wedding details to pampering facilities. A devoted planner will assist with all preparations, from the beautiful wedding cake to the compliments and intimate 3-course dinner for the couple after the service. Your big day and big dreams are what Joali perfects curating for you, no matter where you are in the country. The group relieves the pressure of making fantasies a reality.
In the middle of the Indian Ocean, Joali Maldives is a deserted stretch of island. Guests should hire a team of professionals to plan their wedding reception. Add-ons will be used to enhance the ceremony by including additional events such as a live DJ, fireworks, and more. At Joali, a place you can honestly call your own, you can have the most romantic moment of your life.

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