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Soneva Resort launches Soneva Academy

Posted on: 4/13/2021, 9:18:15 AM
Soneva Academy has a variety of educational opportunities for children and youth aged 12 and up. The courses explore a wide variety of interesting Maldivian subjects. After completing the course, participants receive a certificate at an awards ceremony.
Young Sonevians are taught about coral reefs and their role as an ecosystem by Marine Life of the Maldives. Participants can learn how to perform a science survey with an emphasis on the house reef. They would then examine the survey findings and draw conclusions based on the information. The Maldivian Night Sky is an out-of-this-world course in which students observe the night sky.
Soneva Fushi, a Maldivian business, teaches young learners about plastic and how it is used in our everyday lives. A screening of the Discovery Channel documentary 'Mosquito' will be seen, as well as an examination of how the corporation has dealt with the island's mosquito population without using insecticide. Participants will hear about how the government, companies, and the environment are working together to combat plastic waste. They'll also learn how to make their own toothpaste and body scrub from waste products, as well as other realistic steps toward a zero-waste lifestyle that they can take at home. The course concludes with a questionnaire designed to assess students' understanding of the Maldivian flag.
The Adventure of the Corbin (Soneva Fushi) blends nautical history with navigational advice based on the stars. Four courses are delivered over three days in three two-hour modules, with a free 20-minute exam at the conclusion of the third day. Soneva Academy will expand its course offerings in the future, focusing on environmental programs and the many fields of experience found at the resorts.

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