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COVID-19 Immunity Passport

Posted on: 4/8/2021, 9:13:04 AM
Some destinations would need evidence of vaccination against COVID-19. About 90 countries have already reopened their borders to travelers. Any nations have also made arrangements for those who have had all of their vaccines. Being willing to show evidence of vaccines may be the only option in some circumstances.
Digital health passports have also been implemented on a number of common airline routes. IATA also confirmed that their software will be available for free on the Apple App Store later this month. The European Union has confirmed that it is working on a European version of vaccine passports. The Digital Green Certificate will demonstrate that travelers have been vaccinated against COVID-19, have a negative test outcome, or have recovered from COVID-19.
Vaccine passports or digital health passports are supposed to be voluntary, but they will be a valuable new travel amenity. They'll almost certainly be seen in the tourism business as well as other big crowds like sporting events. New technology has made it possible to prevent lengthy quarantines or costly monitoring conditions when destinations reopen to vaccinated travelers. People are considering travel and have already made plans for trips in 2022.